6-Week Preconception Preparation and Fertility Optimization Program


Did you know that preconception preparation can greatly increase your chances of conception and having a healthier pregnancy?  

Do you feel overwhelmed by the process?

Are you looking for help making specific preconception diet and lifestyle changes?

Feed Your Fertile Body!TM  

Group Classes are perfect for you!  

Throughout history, traditional societies focused on preparing their bodies for conception through fertility superfoods, but this idea has nearly been lost.  

In today's world, we are flooded with stressors and toxins that overload our bodies, making it challenging for many couples to conceive.  Other men and women want to prepare their bodies for optimal fertility.  This program is perfect for both and helps us to bring back those fertility foods!

About the Program

  Over the span of 6 weeks, you will be supported as we learn how to best enhance our fertility through real foods.


Each couple or solo participant will receive a workbook full of fertility secrets, recipes, and resources.  During our weekly gatherings, I will guide you as we explore the material together, take on the action steps, and share our successes and challenges.  


This is a "food-positive" program where the focus is on adding nourishing foods instead of guilt associations and food shaming.


Each week, we will address a new subject regarding food and your fertility.  Action steps are given each lesson, but participants are encouraged to work at a pace that works for them- faster, slower, it's your choice!  There are homework assignments, weekly pantry clean-out tips, and suggested swaps for common foods.  


Our bodies are resilient.  We can create remarkable differences in our fertility by making dietary and lifestyle changes on our own.  How empowering is that?!


What's Included

  • Six 90-minute group sessions led by a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 
    • Week 1- Best kept secrets about fats and fertility
    • Week 2- Sugar, not such a sweet deal after all
    • Week 3- Basic techniques of proper food preparation
    • Week 4- Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation
    • Week 5- Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption
    • Week 6- Gut reactions: How our intestinal microbiota affects us, generation after generation
  • Practical Action Steps for foods to Add, Replace, and Remove
  • Access to private facebook group for discussion, sharing, and support
  • Meal planning and recipe ideas
  • Further study resources- books, movies, articles, etc.

Cost: $300 to include workbook, email support, and group Facebook page access


Class is limited to 10 participants.  Sign up now!